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Solo ("closet") practice is good but it's not as helpful as...
>>> playing real music with others <<<
Jamming is FUN!

When someone first picks up an instrument, the hope is: "Someday I'll be able to jam." But too often "the way in" is not clear. Memorizing someone else's solos is a dead end. People quit. It's time to get started playing real music -- with easy chords, gentle tempos, friendly people!

“I wish I had been introduced to this format much earlier. Isolated music is nowhere near as fun as being with a group.”

  • We understand what you need and want, and we can make it happen!
  • We teach Jam Skills, not tab-reading -- which is of no help in a jam session.
  • We get you together with people like yourself, to learn the basics together.
  • It's more fun to play real music, and the fun goes up as you all improve!

“Thank you for this life changing experience! It has made all the difference. It provided a giant boost in getting with other pickers and understanding the rules, goals, and culture of bluegrass jamming.”

Pete Wernick has taught thousands of closet pickers to jam with his time-tested method, and since 2010 his certified teachers have taught thousands more. At a Wernick Method class you’ll learn the ground rules of jamming, how to lead songs and “fake” breaks, find melodies and sing harmonies—all at gentle tempos in a supportive, low-pressure environment.

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