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A super-easy, no-fail play-along session with Pete Wernick.

Anyone, with any instrument, can get into this bluegrass jam session, even if you've never tried it before. All you need are four basic chords (G, C, D and A) to be able to play along with the band!

This DVD will give you the practice and the confidence you'll need to join a real jam session. Pete Wernick makes it easy, providing encouragement, instruction and important advice on how to hold your own when you jam with others. By playing along with these top bluegrass musicians, you'll get a feel for the songs, where the chords change, how to enter a group, and even how to take a simple solo when the time is right.

If you're a novice musician, this is the video for you. (Bluegrass Now)

A Guide For Newcomers and Closet Pickers

A DVD jam session that players of any level can get in on—perfect for novice bluegrass players who want to start jamming, or for any picker wanting to build experience and confidence. Take this opportunity to participate in a wonderful activity, and get ready for the "real thing" -- grab your instrument, put the DVD in the player, and pick along!

You'll enjoy making music with Nick, Sally, Eric, Michael, Ben and Pete as they play through the repertoire at an easy-going, slow-to-medium tempo. They even leave a place in every song for you to try your own solo!

This is basically like playing with a group of really cool people, who aren't playing at a high speed. (Satisfied customer)

A moderate-speed workout with plenty of soloing opportunities.

A full-to-the-brim DVD made especially for bluegrass pickers who want to take their jamming ability to the next level. It will help you build your repertoire and will vastly improve your confidence so you can join in and jam in any situation.

You'll learn the ins and outs of jamming: backup basics, playing the melody, using a capo, essential jam etiquette and even what to do if you get in a musical "train wreck."

A great simulation of what it is like to play in a bluegrass band. (Satisfied customer)

Two hours of the instruction you need to play backup!

Pete Wernick developed this lesson especially for new pickers. Based on footage of bluegrass jam sessions, Pete shows in slow and clear detail the techniques you'll need to fit into a real jamming situation. You'll move from the simplest strum for the total beginner to chord vamping, rolls, up-the-neck positions and many of the fill-in licks that banjo players use to spark the bluegrass sound.

I have learned more in one sitting than in years of struggling with the banjo. (Satisfied customer)

Words and melodies for 140 classic bluegrass songs!

Over 130 Old Time, Traditional, Newgrass, Gospel and Novelty Bluegrass tunes presented in a new tablature for guitar or banjo, plus special tips on singing from Bill Monroe, Ralph Stanley, Lester Flatt, Jesse McReynolds, Charlie Waller and other bluegrass greats.

I bought the book as a source for bluegrass songs, but found it offered much more in the way of advice for a beginner in bluegrass music. (Satisfied customer)

39 bluegrass/old-time standards!

2- and 3-chord songs playable in any key. With YouTube Playlist!

  • Words and chords in LARGE print
  • Number system shown and used; with guidance for choosing best key
  • Instruction on learning songs, leading songs, faking solos, finding melodies
  • Chord diagrams for guitar, banjo, mandolin; positions for fiddle, bass

The JAM Songbook is perfect for all jammers, including complete beginners! The JAM Songbook will also be provided to students in all Wernick Method jam classes worldwide in 2019.